We are an Authorized FedEx ShipCenter. We can create Ground & Express shipments and we are a drop site.  We also sell packing materials and offer a packing service.



DCS is an Authorized FedEx ShipCenter. We process Domestic shipments for Express and Ground Delivery Methods. We are also a drop-off site for pre-paid packages.

FedEx is the well-known leader of next-day envelope service, but what many people don’t realize is that they are very competitively priced, and in many cases less expensive and faster with their Ground Service than Big Brown.*

We also sell a wide variety of boxes and shipping materials and offer gently used packaging fillers free to customers if they would like to be an environmental re-user. We offer packing service if you would like everything done for you or you can do it in our shipping room with all the tools. Whatever way to want to ship that item domestically with FedEx, we can help you.


*based on both real customer feedback and a sampling of online comparisions.

DCS is an Authorized FedEx ShipCenter.